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We are so excited and honoured that you are thinking of joining us on our day. It's not something we take lightly and we know it's a big ask but we can't thank you enough for being open to our crazy invitation. 
Below is what we have dreamed up to be the trip that is. 






This is a little itinerary of what we have in mind for our Joshua Tree Elopement, it's completely flexible but we hope it makes some sense to this adventure and helps you to see what we have in mind. We are so beyond happy to have you there and be a part of our day, you mean a whole lot to us and we wouldn't have it any other way! We can't say how much we appreciate you coming across the world with us, it's going to be epic together!


(Please remember these key words below):

 SNO - Stephan + Nakita Organize & Book  //   BYO - Please Organise & Book Your Own   //    
WT - Wine Time    //   CT - Coffee time, coffees are ON US     //    HT - Hangover Time

Day 1.jpg

10 : 00 AM   ǁ   Meet in Los Angeles (at discussed location) and depart to Palm Springs in 3 x (SNO) vans.

10 : 15 AM   ǁ   Coffee stop before we hit the road!  (CT)

12 : 00 PM   ǁ   Arrive & check into accommodation in Palm Springs (BYO)

05 : 00 PM   ǁ   Communal dinner in Palm Springs - (WT)

Notes to Know

Transport // SNO :
Rental vans will be provided by S+N from 9th-12th of October, departing and returning to LA. 
Our organized drivers are : GERHARD + RY + BRANDON.
Please RSVP if you would like to travel via the provided transport.
If you would prefer to convoy separately, that is totally fine to
BYO rental car for our road trip but please let us know!

Travel time :  Travel time from Los Angeles to Palm Springs is estimated at being a 2 hour journey. LA is known for it's crazy traffic so we will try to be on the road by 10.30am to avoid too long of a journey.

Palm Springs Accommodation // BYO : We will be staying at ACE Hotel, accommodation is absolutely optional and please feel free to stay where you would like to! We will provide a list of potential alternatives below with price references included if you would like some suggestions but again, totally your call on your preferred stay. We find that searching the hotels through Booking.com rather than the hotel websites is a great way to get the best deals available as they show sale prices and best offers. We can also organize day passes to the ACE club so that we can enjoy some time by the pool bar together if you are staying at alternative accommodation.

⸰  $ : Days Inn Palm Springs:  ǁ   www.daysinnpalmsprings.com
⸰  $$ : Marquis Villas Resort:  ǁ   www.diamondresortsandhotels.com/Resorts/Marquis-Villas-Resort
⸰  $$$ : The Saguaro Palm Springs:  ǁ   www.thesaguaro.com/palm-springs
⸰  $$$$ : ACE hotel Palm Springs:  ǁ   www.acehotel.com/palmsprings 

RSVP: Please let us know if you would like to book alternative transport so that we can finalize the number of seats needed in the vans. Thank you! 

Temperature : 30 High  // 16 Low

Day 2.jpg

10 : 30 AM   ǁ   Check out of accommodation in Palm Springs & let's head to Joshua Tree!

11 : 30 PM   ǁ   Arrive and check into Joshua Tree Airbnb accommodation (BYO)

01 : 00 PM   ǁ   Optional - Let's go find a spot in the Park to get married / Joshua Tree National Park sightseeing

04 : 00 PM   ǁ   Sunset together in Joshua Tree - (WT)

06 : 00 PM   ǁ   Night before the big day communal BBQ dinner


Notes to Know

Travel time:  Travel time from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree is estimated at being a 50 minute journey. It's a beautiful drive so feel free to stop along the way if you would like to!

Joshua Tree National Park Passes // SNO: We will organize everyone's passes into the National Park that are valid for 7 days. There are kiosks at the gate's of the park and we will purchase a pass for each vehicle on arrival.

Accommodation // BYO: Click here for Accom Options

RSVP: Please let us know if you would like to book alternative accommodation so that we can finalize numbers. Thank you!

Clothing: As we are staying in the high desert, temperatures can drop quite low at night & in the early mornings. Make sure to bring some warmer clothes just encase!

Temperature : 29 High  // 10 Low

Day 3.jpg

T  H  E     B  I  G     D  A  Y

02 : 00 PM   ǁ   Depart for la cérémonie

02 : 30 PM   ǁ   Ceremony begins

04 : 30 PM   ǁ   Reception dinner at Mi Casa

10 : 00 PM   ǁ   You should be toasty by this point.


Notes to Know:

Dress:  It's going to be a WHITE wedding! Come dressed in your best white or any close to it outfit.
FYI: men, even a white shirt with any colour pants (including black) would be great, don't go out of your way to buy something you wouldn't wear again!

Ceremony location: TBC

Travel time:  Please leave enough time to get there & remember to bring a spare map as there is no network reception in the national park. On arrival there will be a short walk from the car park to the ceremony location, where drinks will be waiting.

Post Ceremony: After the ceremony, let's have some champagne & photos before heading to the reception!

Reception location: Mi Casa, location to be given out in Joshua Tree.

Mummas & babes: All of your beautiful children are so special to us and are more than welcome throughout our day. There will be a room in the Mi Casa if you want some time out to feed or put your little ones to sleep. 

Temperature : 26 High  // 15 Low

Day 4.jpg

10 : 00 AM   ǁ   Check out of accommodation in Joshua Tree

10 : 30 AM   ǁ   Lets get together for a last morena-after break-fast / hang over remedies at House 2. Optional as we know some of us have flights to catch and holidays to begin!

12 : 00 PM   ǁ   We say our goodbyes & everyone can make their way back to LA when they are ready! 

 ☞   Y O U R   H O L I D A Y    B E G I N S !


Notes to Know

Travel time:  Travel time from Joshua Tree to Los Angeles is estimated at being around a 2-3 hour journey, keeping in mind it is a Friday and there may be some traffic. 

Temperature : 26 High  // 15 Low




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